There are several packages available for download as tarball files. Please be sure to download the correct package for your Linux version.

FOP Version 2.31.21

Release Date: December 17, 2018


Mon Dec 17 19:26:17 2018 -0300
FIX: Honor mute/unmute startup status on conferences

Thu Dec 13 15:14:25 2018 -0300
FIX: [Dialer plugin] Fix constant refresh on dialer dashboard if otherqueue diposition is found

Wed Dec 12 19:37:23 2018 -0300
FIX: [Dialer plugin] If dialer dispo is OK, convert to HUMAN to avoid continuous dashboard refresh

Wed Dec 12 19:36:37 2018 -0300
FIX: Discard server portion on queue channel so server order in multi tenant setups does not affect delivery to browser/clients

Thu Nov 29 18:31:16 2018 -0300
FIX: [Dialer plugin] Do not set active call on originate response as it might come after a hangup, leading to stuck active calls counters

Wed Nov 21 17:37:06 2018 -0300
FIX: [Dialer plugin] Fix dashboard refresh when group by name is set and numbers are loaded with empty names. Fix dialer to not consider empty names as same name when group by name

Mon Nov 12 20:12:25 2018 -0300
FIX: [Hotdesk plugin] Make filter work for starting position peer

Mon Nov 12 20:00:47 2018 -0300
FIX: [Hotdesk plugin] Use new popupUrlRinging variable for latest FOP2 version

Wed Oct 31 15:28:52 2018 -0300
CHANGE: Append a dash to the end of the channel on chanspy to avoid listening to other devices with the same prefix. Fixes cases where you could be persistent spying and catching up other people's conversations

Tue Oct 30 13:02:23 2018 -0300
CHANGE: [Full Wallboard plugin] Make pause query faster in full wallboard getstats

Mon Oct 29 15:26:42 2018 -0300
FIX: [FOP2 Manager] Change sintax to please php versions older than 5.4 in FOP2 Manager dblib.php

Thu Oct 25 18:42:43 2018 -0300
Update translations on dialer plugin

Thu Oct 25 14:19:13 2018 -0300
NEW: [Dialer plugin] Add call tag support for widget and server, it writes in queue_log and saves in dialerreports, consults available tags via ajax

Thu Oct 25 14:10:45 2018 -0300
FIX: Avoid setting linkedid on unblessed button

Thu Oct 25 11:09:52 2018 -0300
NEW: [Dialer plugin] Add dispositions add/edit support for campaigns

Thu Oct 25 10:38:20 2018 -0300
FIX: Fix typo in add campaign query on dialer plugin

Thu Oct 25 09:19:03 2018 -0300
CHANGE: [Dialer plugin] Remove unused code on donotcall admin page in Dialer plugin

Thu Oct 25 09:05:05 2018 -0300
NEW: [Dialer plugin] Update dialer widget as an agent console with more info, pause status, preview and active call

Tue Oct 23 18:10:31 2018 -0300
FIX: Prevent double notify on connect that can occur in some circumstances

Tue Oct 23 17:49:44 2018 -0300
CHANGE: [Scripter Plugin] If first node is a goto script, do a fake button click to go to that script automatically

Mon Oct 22 13:27:30 2018 -0300
FIX: Update queuehint plugin to make it work with asterisk 13

Sat Oct 20 12:26:47 2018 -0300
Translate daterangepicker to spanish on dialer plugin

Since version 2.28 there is a configuration manager (FOP2 Manager) bundeld with the package. You can access it directly by pointing your browser to http://your.server/fop2/admin . On a new installed system, you must log into the manager before loading the main FOP2 panel to create the user & buttons configuration.


Centos - i386

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

Centos - 64bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.


Debian - 32bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions, 32 bits.

Debian - 64bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions, 64 bits.

raspberry pi

Raspberry PI - ARM

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Raspberry PI/Debian

ARM 64 bits

ARM 64 bits - Aarch64 - Centos

DownloadFOP 2.31 for ARM aarch64 / Centos

FOP Version 2.30.00

Release Date: August 3, 2015

This version has significant improvements on the client side, with a layout that can be arranged at will via drag&drop and some cool new plugins. As the changes are significant and might have bugs, this release is launched as beta first. Internet Explorer 8 support was dropped with this release. There will be periodical updates for this beta, so check the release date here to see the last time it was updated.

DownloadFOP 2.30 32 bits for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

DownloadFOP 2.30 64 bits for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

DownloadFOP 2.30 32 bits for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions.

DownloadFOP 2.30 64 bits for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions.

FOP2 Manager

fop2manager logo

FOP2 Manager 1.2.0

DownloadIt works along with FOP version 2.24 or higher and lets you manage users, groups, permissions and more from a comfortable web GUI. This manager is already included in FOP 2.28, it is here for convenience for users of previous FOP2 versions. If you use Elastix and have FOP 2.25 installed, *do not* attempt to install the FOP2 Manager. Elastix© 2.x already includes management functions on its package so this tool is not needed.


Here is a set of old versions links for your convenience:

What people say

Just to let you know: our customer is using FOP2 with +500 (mostly mobile +...)-extensions succesfully at the moment. Thanks to your support we have delivered a succesfull project. Again, thank you very much!

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet

Ronald Voermans
It is without doubt an order of magnitude better than FOP 1, true it cost $40 bucks but it is the best $40 I spent all day.
We have been working with FOP2, Queue Stats and Call Stats for a number of years. Not only are these products amazing, the backup service Nick offers is second to None. FOP2 is the best operator console you will find for Asterisk!
Alan Scott
Logical Solutions NZ
I just thought I'd leave you a quick message saying I'm thoroughly impressed with how FOP2 is maturing. The FreePBX module is absolutely superb, and as a whole the application is truly brilliant. My customers use it so regularly they wonder how life existed without it! Thankyou so much! :)
Josiah Spackman
FOP2 is the easiest operator panel for our receptionist and the people who fill in for her. While other products may have more bells and whistles, FOP2 is more practical in a busy environment. When I had a suggestion for a feature that was useful in a competive product, my new feature appeared in a working beta within days!
Bob Roswell
We provide hosted PBX service based on the Asterisk PBX. We have looked at several queue management systems over the last few weeks and elected to give FOP2 a second look. We purchased beta 2.2 on Saturday, deployed with a few minor tweaks on Sunday and were impressing customers on Monday. We tested on IE, Firefox, Safari and Mango using WinXP, Vista, Win7 and Snow Leopard on a 200 extension installation with around 50 queues. The results were consistently flawless.
Dennis Smith
This is truely a remarkable product. Simple setup, works great, looks great. Good job, and thank you for making such a product available to us !
Kevin Farrell-Pelletier